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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Get your spelling right! Tips on how to spell the words correctly

Stuck with spellings? Here are quick ways to improve them!

Many times, it is embarrassing to find the text you just sent has horrible spelling errors or a situation where you are not able to spell it properly. These situations disgustingly make us realize that we need to buck up for learning skills on spelling that word right.Irrespective of English being a native or non-native language, it takes a lot of pain to remember the long spellings and how to spell them. As spellings are important for day to day communication, they need to be spelled right. In the English language (for that matter any language) if we misspell the word, it turns into disaster leading to wrong information or a funny outturn.
How to spell word right? Right? Here, for instance, same word “right” has no difference in spelling or pronunciation but still gives a different meaning. Now how do we understand how to use the words and how much to use the words (Quite a cranky spelling things going on in this paragraph is it not?)

It requires lots of patience and keen mind to learn the spelling and all its magic. The English words are basically rooted from either Latin or Greek language. So, important thing that has to be kept in mind is to find the root and learn those basics basically.

10 productive ways to spell and learn words correctly

1.Play them up! :  The best way to learn spellings is to take up a vocabulary building game. Which not only is fun but you’ll learn something while playing. These have various level of expertise which will rank your spelling abilities based on how you play and learn!

2. Quiz it: There are several website and applications on a phone which let you take the quiz on building vocabulary. These will automatically create interest to learn to spell the new way.

3.Refer to dictionaries and thesaurus: Whenever you come across a new word or something unusual, quickly take up a dictionary or thesaurus (or both) and find the meaning and the context in which they are used. 

4.Read, read and read:  The only way to improve the spelling skills is to read and make it a regular habit to read and find new words, learn from the old word you read. When you come across a new word try relating to them by finding their meaning and write both of them together.

5.Write them too! : Only reading cannot complete the task. You need to write as well. Writing increases the chances of remembering well for the next time. The more you’ll read, the more you’ll write and the more you’ll write, the more you’ll remember.

6.Find out the difference: American English and the British English are quite different from each other. Their spellings patterns are not the same. Compare both of them and know their difference. You should also know how and where to use them.

7.Watch English movies:  Watch an English movie preferably the one with subtitles. Watch out for how they pronounce certain words and have a keen look on how they are spelled. You’ll learn better in such stages.

8.Use spell checker in the word document:  Although parallel suggestions are given to turn off spell checker as human eyes are far better than an automated spell checker. But we’d suggest using them as you’ll know the faults and simultaneously checking with the Google to know the correct version. This way you’ll learn from the mistakes.

9.Turn off autocorrect in your phone: Now this isn’t hypocrisy saying to turn off the auto correct in this statement and stating to turn it on in the earlier one.  The point is simple. When you turn off autocorrect on your smartphone, you’ll get to know how much you are dependent on the spell checker and gradually learning from the mistakes, you may not need the autocorrect!

10.Take the grammar book seriously and follow the rules religiously:  Every word written in the grammar is to be followed religiously as they are the perfect partner for your spelling adventure. The rules might confuse at first; but with pace, things can get better. 

These are few of the tried and tested methods which have helped people in learning spellings the right way. 

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