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Thursday, 23 February 2017

How to write a research paper?

How to write an ultimate research paper?

Research papers come under formal writing and require more procedures to follow. They are given utmost importance when given as assignments to complete.

It would be stressful if the research paper is to be submitted by the deadline being mentioned. The best way to complete the research paper on time is to start it afresh, way ahead of time.

There are other tips mentioned which will help in writing the best research paper. 

But before knowing how to write it, there are few of the important aspects to be considered which will make in writing the best research paper.

Important aspects of a research paper:

1.The title of the paper:
The title holds key importance whenever a research paper is written. It should be informative, conveying an essence of a topic and what it is about.

It is a summary which sums up the whole paper. This section involves writing down important aspects of a paper hinting quite a proportion of what exactly the topic is all about.

An element of a research paper, introduction speaks about a topic necessary to start. It builds a connection to the topic which later is linked with other sections

The heart of a paper is the body section. This section includes 3 or more paragraphs, which symbolizes unique information containing supportive arguments.

Conclusion section holds length and breadth of a paper. It is associated with all the sections of a paper and binds them together bringing justice to the opinion expressed. It should not be ignored as it summarizes content explained throughout.

7.References and bibliography:
To discourage plagiarism, a paper written from scratch must have all the references and reputable sources mentioned at the end. 

Preparation tips for writing a research paper:

After knowing about the basic building blocks needed to write a research paper, these elements must be used properly to start writing it. Here are a few of preparation tips to write the best research paper.

1.Identifying  the topic to be written:
To start writing, a topic must be chosen in the first place. It holds great importance to have a topic which helps in expanding writing. There are several sources available to find an idea.

2.Writing for the audience:
The main goal of writing a research paper is to reach the audience with proper information. Based on the type of audience, research paper must be presented. If a research paper is to be submitted as an assignment, then they are to be written with a certain procedure.

3.Focusing on the idea:
Once a topic is chosen to write, next comes the part of broadening it. Sometimes when a paper is being written, it might deviate from the topic being written hence focusing on the idea becomes very important.

4.Researching on the topic:
Various sources are available to write for a research paper. Finding correct sources for researching becomes crucial. As it comes under formal writing, more of precise information, facts must be included.

5.Standard reference style:
The key point to note while writing a paper is to follow the prescribed reference style. All universities expect their students to write a paper as prescribed by them.Most common standard reference styles are APA, MLA, and Harvard among others.

6.Minimal use of informal language:
Informal words, jargons, and contractions like can’t, shouldn’t be used at the most minimal rate. It is a bad practice to use informal language in formal writing.

7.Good writing skills and grammar:
Most of the times, a research paper fails to impress in spite of having excellent content. The reason for this majorly goes to improper writing skills. Hence care should be taken to improve writing skills and get better with the grammar. 

8.Proofread the draft:
After a paper is completed, the critical part is to proofread its content. Proofread content brings more clarity into it. It becomes necessary to revise as things can be added or discarded based on the revision done.

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