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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Structure of an essay and how to form it

How to form structure of an essay quickly?

It becomes very difficult when all the things are ready to write an essay but what lags into writing it is organizing the idea developed.

The structure is a significant aspect whenever an essay is to be written. Even if the quality of an essay is established in an excellent manner, it will break the interest of readers if not organized properly, 

Here we have built on how an essay can be structured to get that perfect essay. 

What does a structure of an essay contain?
Every essay’s skeleton has a structure in common which follows like this.


Introduction part of an essay will have all those necessary information which gets the reader’s attention onto a hook. Such introductory paragraphs will have limited sentences but still establishes a connection to the rest of the statements.
  • Thesis statement:This is a critical part of the introduction section which holds the length and breadth of an essay. It is important to note that the beginning part of an essay must behold enough information but subtly explain the outline of the topic being written. 

The body section of an essay will have the major information included in it. This will have three (in a five paragraph essay) or more paragraphs each stating its strongest arguments.

Each paragraph that is divided will have subordinate points to prove its arguments mentioned. To conclude the thesis statement that is written in the introductory part will continue here too.

An essay cannot be completed without the inclusion of conclusion. Concluding an essay is the most crucial part. The whole essay which is written must be justified and hold together in this section.

Only in a few sentences, the whole essay must be justified; hence more concentration must be given to conclusion part of an essay.

Forming the structure of an essay

  •  A link between each section: The first rule for any essay writing is to keep the flow in it. Introduction, body and the conclusion; all these must be well-connected. What keeps them connected is the focus towards the topic and expansion of the idea of the thesis statement. 
  • Concentration on formatting: The layout of an essay must be proper and presentable. To enhance the readability, formatting styles must be adopted, such as using appropriate margins, spacing, and font size. This way a clear and well-written essay will be available to submit as an assignment, or a college application essay.
  • Reduction in complexity: People often miss out on a read when the essay has more of breadth than depth in it. The information presented might have a subject in it, but the way it is written matters the most. Sentences which are in active voice, have less complexity in them are more approached by readers. 
  • Keeping at it: There are chances that the written topic might mislead and go off the track. The main aim of an essay must be to stay focused and give a clear picture of what the topic is all about.
  • Suitable title: Title takes it all. An interesting title will attract more readers. There are several tips available online to get the best help for choosing a title for the essay; like this one.

Elements of an essay:

There are certain elements which will help in structuring an essay in a better format.

Sentences form content, content gives information to the essay. Hence there must be proper sentence structure for the essay which is written.

Paragraphs are written in the body section. This indicates that the information that is to be expressed is spilt into subparts so that it is reader-friendly.
The intention to write a paragraph is to create a lucid reading for the reader. This way it enhances the appearance of the essay.

3.Thesis statement:
A thesis statement is a crucial pointer which adds depth to an essay being written. It is included in the introduction part which is continued in the body section as well. Thus an element such as a thesis statement must be added.  

4.Quotations and citations:
To make an essay more reliable, plagiarism free, there must be resources from reputable sources which should be cited.

Quotations must be quoted whenever possible which will discourage paraphrasing.

5.Transition between paragraphs:
One of the essential parts of an essay is to have a smooth transition between each paragraph. Each paragraph must have a strong argument with supporting subordinating points added to it.

An engaging title will enhance the readability of an essay. Hence emphasis must be given to writing a title also which counts for the success of an essay.

These are the tips which will help you in forming the structure of an essay.

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