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Sunday, 5 March 2017

How to find best resources for your essay?

What is the ultimate guide to find best resources for your essay?

To write a perfect essay, there are several factors that go into it; best content, a proper format or a structure and great writing skills. Whether writing an essay for academic purpose or for participating in a competition, content remains the king.

An essay cannot be written without researching information for it. With plenty of resources available to search information for writing a good content, it becomes a dilemma for finding the best out of it. Is it not?

Here we have listed the best resources that can be found around you very easily.

8 effective resources to write the best essay

1.Researching online: Internet is now considered the ocean for finding any information. With people becoming increasingly dependent on digital information, finding information online is not much of a hassle.Each website that is searched will have unique and good articles to guide through the process of finding the best resources for writing an essay.

There are other books, scholarly articles present in popular search engines which can present more information than the articles alone can.

2.Finding best resources in a library: Though digital media has invaded people’s lives, libraries and good old books have always been the first choice for finding content for the write-up.

A collection of good books in any nearest library having good amount of academic publications can be the best resource for keeping the quality of the content always up.

3.Scholarly databases: Every university will have a wealth of articles and books recorded. These scholarly databases will be useful resources to get content.

It might be time-consuming to find the relevant information to be sourced, but these academic records found in your university has more advantage, as it will have the required type in which essay must be written to be submitted as an assignment. 

4.Referring to books written by best authors: Books written by scholars and research experts are the best way to collect information for writing an essay. These books or papers will have all the required content written in-depth for getting the accurate information. 

5.Print sources: Newspaper, magazines: Home is the place where there is a solution for everything, for finding resources to write too! Yes, scanning out old newspapers or academic magazine (or a regular or based on the topic given) will help in finding good content for the write-up required. 

6.Content cited in the bibliography: This is a good of finding resources for writing an essay. The content or article that has been cited in the bibliography and reference section must be utilized to find get the apt content.

These further readings will have more information to present thereby helping in producing good content to read.

7.Writing which is already known: It might be the first thing that should have been written. The knowledge gained while learning the topic, the points already known can be jotted down, these must be enough to start on a good essay.

8.Refer to notes: There might be wealthy information collected while attending lectures, they can be gathered while preparing to write an essay. Referring to this resource is preparing for the last minute test, not noticed earlier but helpful enough.

Where to find best resources? Here are the credible websites which are helpful in writing an essay:

1.Google scholar: A powerful search engine exclusively to display scholar articles and academic publications. This search engine will cite the popular and most discussed information based on the relevance of typing a keyword. 

2.Custom websites: Every reputed university has their custom website which will have all the information relating to their university and certain academic information for public access. Examples could be MIT, Harvard, and Columbia to name a few.

3.Legitimate government websites: Official websites or governmental websites will have authority over the information present and accurate content that can be included for any write-up.  

By and large, these are the resources that can be used for research purpose, or for collecting facts for commercial purpose, so the next time there is a chaos on where to find the resources for good content do not forget to have a look at these.

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