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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Stereotypes to be avoided while writing an essay

How to avoid mistakes while writing an essay?

Commonly when writing an essay, the write-up is never settled for with just one draft. Writing is such a form where opinions, information, content are expressed. Things must be taken care not to make any mistakes while writing it. Even if mistakes are made, they must be resolved right away. 

Common mistakes made while writing an essay are

1.Incorrect use of grammar.
2.Stuffing too much of information.
3.Not following the same tone in the overall essay.

How mistakes affect an essay?

1.Incorrect use of grammar leads to bad writing and inability to convey proper information.

2.Stuffing too much of information in an essay leads to making the topic too complex to understand.

3.If a constant tone is not used in an essay, it affects the structure of an essay and leads to less readability.

What are the common mistakes or stereotypes that are used in an essay unknowingly? Read along to know.These will harm the quality of an essay hence must be noted to avoid them.

Stereotypes commonly used while writing an essay 

Stereotype #1: Quoting the phrases
When an essay is written generally, there are certain quotes used. Using quotes must be avoided as they are an entity of an original writer. Even if used should match the context in a narrow manner.

Stereotype #2: Using contractions
Essay writing uses formal language to convey content to readers. Using words such as can’t, won’t, shouldn’t etc must be avoided as it breaches the rules of using proper language.

Stereotype #3: Ambiguous structure
An essay will lose its meaning if it is not structured in a proper format. Ambiguity in the use of structure will lead to losing readership.

Stereotype #4: More information than content
The common misconception in people is that they write to inform than writing to convey the content. It seems to have no difference between information and content, but if given a closer look, there is a fine line between these both.

Stereotype #5: To edit or proofread, which is to be done first?
Writing an essay has stages to it. First, a topic should be decided, and then a plan to write about that topic should be propagated. The next part comes in writing the topic is to research about it. Once the data is collected, a draft is to be made.

As soon as the draft is built there is confusion as to proofread it first or edit. This stereotype will lead to a loss of the content. 

Stereotype #6: Generalization of the topic
Essay is like answering the question asked. But most common mistake that prevails is the generalization of the topic. It starts and ends with information, certain requirements are missed out.

Stereotype #7: Weak conclusion
The strength of any essay is its conclusion part. Concluding an essay is of due importance as it consists of the substance that completes an essay.

Stereotype #8: Providing weak thesis statement on which an essay is built
A thesis statement is a string that attaches the whole essay. It helps in building the gap between each section. Providing a weak thesis statement will only damage the essay quality and content.

Stereotype #9: Use of unique never heard words
English is a universal language which is used by people globally. Usage of complex words and never heard sentences or phrases will only decrease the quality of content.

Stereotype #10: No transition between each section

Essays formed without a structure will have less focus on transitions within it. This will create an ambiguous content leading to a low-quality essay.   

10 simple solutions to avoid stereotypes in writing an essay 

1.Solution to stereotype#1: Use paraphrase instead of quotes
The only solution to avoid quotes in an essay is to paraphrase the sentence. This will not give a chance to plagiarism too which is a serious offense.

2.Solution to stereotype#2: Avoiding use of contractions
In formal language, it is discouraged to use contractions such as can’t, shouldn’t, doesn’t. To avoid the stereotyped mistake, formal words like cannot, should not, does not etc must be used.

3.Solution to stereotype#3: Lucid structure for an essay
An essay must follow a prescribed structure that is an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion. If the content is presented in this format, it is easier to understand and looks presentable as well.

4.Solution to stereotype#4: More stress on content
Information is the facts, statistics, and general of something or someone whereas content is to convey the known facts, statistics in a convincing manner.

An essay must always provide content than just information. What matters is to convince the readers with accurate content than just displaying them.

5.Solution to stereotype#5: Stages of writing
As a part of writing, editing is to be done first. Once the draft is edited, it must be proofread well. This will lead to providing the best essay.

6.Solution to stereotype#6: Trying to be specific
A topic should not be generalized. It must be specific and direct answering to the provided question. Readers read an essay to gain knowledge and some specific content required to them.

7.Solution to stereotype#7: Strong conclusion
Conclusion is a core part of an essay. The conclusion part must hold the essence of the complete content delivered. The opinion expressed must be convinced to readers hence the conclusion part must be greatly focused upon.

8.Solution to stereotype#8: A strong thesis statement
A thesis statement in an essay binds it together to gather more quality. A thesis statement is a strong argument which provides a base for it thereby building the essay.

9.Solution to stereotype#9: Using simple language
The primary motive of an essay is to inform readers with great content. If complex words or unique words are added, it will only bring complexity into the essay being written, using simple language always works out.

10.Solution to stereotype#10: Including transitional statements
Transition between each section that is introduction part, body section, and a conclusion will be visible if there are transitional statements used. These statements act as a link to an essay.

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