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Thursday, 6 April 2017

How to write an autobiographical essay

How to write an autobiographical essay that stands out? 

What is an autobiography?
An autobiographical essay is an attempt to write about yourself. It is like a personal essay which exhibits the success, failure, valuable lessons learned. In other words, it is an insight into an individual’s life at the personal level.
Several great authors, scientists, and other known personalities have written an autobiography. It is not difficult to write an autobiographical essay if certain tips and tricks are used.

Why is an autobiographical essay written?
1.It is written for the admission purpose as a personal statement.
2.It showcases or reflects your personality.

10 Simple steps to write an autobiographical essay

1.Choose an interesting incident or an experience: To start writing an autobiographical essay, an interesting incident or a valuable experience must be chosen.
As it is an essay, the word count will be limited hence must not exceed to become a novella or a book.

2.Plan a theme for your essay: Based on the topic chosen to write, a theme must be planned accordingly. A theme is to be set as it helps in bringing a background to the essay and therefore can be easier to write.

3.Keep a conversational tone: While writing an autobiographical essay, care must be taken to keep a conversational tone. This will help in knowing about you in a better way.
As it is a type of an informal essay, it is encouraged to have a tone which will attract more readers to your essay.

4.Define the purpose of writing: An autobiographical essay should be written with a purpose. Devoid of the reason it is being written, it must be made sure that it defines the very purpose of writing it and reaches the targeted audience.

5.Organize the essay: Every essay must be written in a specific format. Failing to do so, it might lower the quality of an essay. The structure of an essay comprises of an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.

6.Include hook sentences and thesis statements: Considered as the elements of an essay, hook sentences and thesis statements must be included in an autobiographical essay.
These will help in attracting readers to your as well as connect each section of an essay together.

7.Include information about yourself: The primary importance of writing an autobiographical essay is to inform or express about yourself. Therefore, writing about yourself, adding something about your life becomes necessary.

8.Use good vocabulary: It goes without saying that to write the best essay, the best vocabulary must be used. There are several resources available to improve vocabulary.
With practise, the flair for writing will definitely increase along with the choice of words that are used.

9.Edit and revise the essay: Once an essay is written, the next step is to edit it. Editing is an important stage of essay writing.
Some of the information which was missed out while drafting can be added and few of them which are unnecessary can be omitted while an essay is being edited.

10.Proofread the essay: The last stage of essay writing is to proofread the whole content. This allows in finding out the silliest errors and rectifying them. 

Some professional tips to consider while writing an autobiographical essay

1.The autobiographical essay should not become another resume
2.Informal language or active voice is encouraged to use
3.It should simple and concise
4.It is an essay about yourself, be sure to be honest, humble as it judges your personality

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