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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How to avoid informal writing in academic writing

How to use formal writing language effectively and avoid use of informal writing in academic writing?

Writing is an art which can be a talent which is gifted by birth, which can be learned and which has to be practised. To learn something every day is a joyful experience. In this article, we will learn how to use formal writing effectively in an academic paper.

We converse regularly using informal language. But it should be noted that the same informal language cannot be used in the academic writing. How to avoid informal writing in an academic paper? How to reduce using colloquial while writing? Read further to know more. 

Characteristics of informal writing
1.It is written for the purpose if entertainment and informing general information.
2.The structure of the writing is loosely structured.
3.There is a use of colloquial writing.
4.First person is used while writing an informal write-up.
5.Do not refer to citations or any kind if references while using informal writing.

Characteristics of formal writing
1.Presents facts and ideas analyzing the topic in detail.
2.Formal writing usually follows a proper structure and is bound by certain rules.
3.There is less or no encouragement for the use of colloquial writing.
4.Third person is used while writing a formal write-up.
5.Formal writing must consist of citations and references so that there is a validity check for the content which is written.

How to avoid informal writing in academic writing with examples

1.Avoid colloquial words in your academic terms: Colloquial terms are those words which are used in everyday lives while conversing with friends and family. These terms must be avoided while writing an academic paper.
To avoid such use of informal words, academic terms must be made use. Below are few of the academic terms that can be used instead of the common colloquial language.

1.Wanna- Instead use want to
2.Look blue- Instead use look sad
3.A lot- Instead use several, many
4.Anyways- Instead use anyway
5.Kind of/sort of- Instead use type of

2. contractions must be avoided: Contractions are formed out of words to shorten it. Such words must be avoided and replaced with the original ones.
1.Can’t – Instead use cannot
2.We’ll –Instead use we will
3.Haven’t- Instead use have not
4.Perfect- Instead use ideal
5.He’s – Instead use he is

3.Avoid using filler words: Filler words are tend to be missed out in an academic paper. They should not be used as it seems informal in a formal writing.

4.Jargons and slangs are to be avoided: Jargons and slangs are the examples of informal language which are used in the everyday business must be avoided as these can harm the quality of the paper.

5.Segregate the points: Instead of writing paragraphs or long sentences like an informal write-up includes, an academic writing must split up the information into bullet points or list.

6.Use spell checker or proofread your academic write-up. This will help in reducing the errors that are usually found informal.

7.Avoid the usage of abbreviations: Abbreviations should  not be utilized while writing an academic paper.

8.Include the punctuation marks appropriately: There must be an appropriate use of punctuation marks. Missing these punctuation marks in an academic paper might reduce its quality and impact on the readability.

9.Avoid certain phrases which are considered colloquial : These phrases must be avoided so that the paper will not look informal or less presentable. There are certain rules that are to be followed an academic essay is being written. Here are some of the examples that should not be used.
1.Jump to conclusions
3.Its same as
4.Looked at

10.Avoid commonly used words in an academic paper: There are numerous words in the English language which are used in the day-to-day life. It is advice to avoid these words in the academic paper.
1.Get- Instead use receives
2.Give- Instead use presents
3.Very- Instead use crucial
4.Literally- Instead eager
5.Naturally – Instead use wanted to know

These are few of the points which are to be followed to avoid usage of informal writing in academic writing.

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