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Monday, 24 April 2017

How to write an essay in third person

What are the best ways to write an essay?

There are numerous ways of expressing your thoughts; writing is one of them. Writing too can have different formats and styles which are used for different situations and circumstances.
For instance, writing your personal experience can be very different from writing an assignment. Each of them has to be written with unique writing style and should have choice of words which fit to be used according the form of writing.
To differentiate between two writing style, there must use of certain words. Such words come under the category of grammatical person.

What is grammatical person?
Grammatical person is a tool used to distinguish between the speaker and the addressee. There are three types of grammatical person, they are:

1.First person

2.Second person

3.Third person

In this article, we present the use of third person and how to use third person in an essay.

How to write an essay in third person?

As discussed above, third person is a type of grammatical person which focuses on using pronouns which indirectly expresses the objective of writing. Pronouns such as he, she, they, it, him, her are used while writing an essay.

Where are these words used?
Third person words are usually used in academic writing. It is often advised to third person as it is considered informal to express opinions or thoughts while writing an assignment.
Essays such as persuasive essay, argumentative essay and expository essay channelize their information using pronouns or with the use of third person.

Characteristics of an essay with usage of third person
1.The use of third person will make it factual rather than personal.
2.It makes it look more professional.
3.It makes the text look neutral and balances between the author’s opinions and facts.
4.It uses more of passive voice than active voice.

5 tips to write an essay in third person

1.Use third person in academic writing:  The first tip to write an essay in third person is to use it while writing an academic paper. As academic paper comes under formal writing, it is advised to use pronouns such as he, she, it, and they.

2.Avoid usage of second person: Second person is a type of grammatical person which makes use of words such as “you”, “yours” etc. Second person are usually used while writing as descriptive story or narrative essay.

3.Avoid usage of first person: Exactly opposite to the third person, first person is a grammatical person which is used while expressing personal opinion. It is suggested not to use the first person while writing an academic paper.  

4.Include pronouns such as he, she, it, they, her, him: To write in the third person, the pronouns such as he, she, it, they, him, her etc must be utilized. These will indicate that the paper is being explained indirectly.

5.Using words like he, she, it ,they will give flexibility to the essay: An advantage of using third person is that it gives the writer flexibility to explain the paper in a better manner.

These are the few of the tips which must be followed while writing an essay in third person.

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